How to host your website on Nexcord.

Create your server

The first thing to host your website here is to create your web host server! On the dashboard, click the “Create server” button, choose “language”, and then “website (php & nginx)” Give your server a name, and click on “create”, and there you go, your server is ready!

Once back on the dashboard’s main page, you should now see your new Website server.
Just click on “Manage” and wait a few minutes until your server installs, you should then be able to edit your server!

Setup your files

All your html base files should be in the “webroot” folder, which is installed with your server. Do not delete any of the files and folders that are here when you create the server! Deleting them might break your server entirely.

You have access to everything, such as nginx configurations, the file, the possibility to add php packages (in the startup page!) etc. so feel free to adapt your server to your needs, and ask a staff member if you need help with anything!

Choose a subdomain

In the subdomain tab, don’t hesitate to grab your free subdomain! Just input any name you want. Just make sure to follow the rules!

We look closely at websites hosted on Nexcord, even more to the ones that use a subdomain, as it can easily negatively impact the domain reputation on Google if someone uses it for illegal or suspicious things (notification pop up spams, NSFW media, virus downloads, illegal movie streaming, etc)!

Make sure to not act stupid either, don’t claim subdomains such as “” trying to impersonate us, or using bad words in the subdomains!